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Leadership With Trust:

SRI BHOOMIDURGA GROUP is into marketing quality products and maintaining longterm valued customer base.


  • M/s. Sri Bhoomidurga Enterprises (P) Ltd
  • M/s. Sri Bhoomidurga Marketing (P) Ltd

SRI BHOOMIDURGA GROUP is a global marketing enterprise headquartered in Chennai (Tamilnadu, India) and spread all over India and overseas. SRI BHOOMIDURGA name respected as a value based trusted partner for maintaining and adhering to strong values and business ethics.

About SDBM

M/s.Sri Bhoomidurga Marketing (P) Ltd., Chennai-106, is in the forefront in sales & servicing of transformers, HT switchgears, HT/LT AVR’s, SPZ make Energy audit, Energy monitoring system & Controls and all other electrical utilities & allied products.

The Organization is headed by its Managing Director, Engineer V. Venugopalan with 3 Decades of experience. Having started as a public sector servant, he became an enterprising business man, grooming SBDM group as a market leader thorough his dedication.

Sri Bhoomidurga is a multi product and service organization engaged in marketing, servicing, testing and commissioning of power & distribution transformers, complete electrical Sub-Stations and allied products.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide customers the best in quality products and offer incomparable service in the industry.


To establish Sri Bhoomidurga Marketing as a world class quality driven company in the field of transformers and allied products through trust and establishing continuous patronisation.

Our Speciality - High Quality Products

All transformers are manufactured in-house with state of the art facility. Designing custom based transformers is a specialty.

Customer can view our featured products and fill in the quotation request form according to their requirements or call us for a free quote. Our 24/7 customer care will act upon the enquiry wherein the customer will get a quote in mail or our representative will contact in person within 24hrs.

Smart Solutions

You can count on Sri Bhoomidurga Marketing to provide smart solutions for your standard and special requirements of all types of allied Products. Our strategy of "growing with the giants and keeping pace with the world", has successively established long-term strategic cooperation with many excellent enterprises both at home and abroad.

We are committed to provide innovated transmission and distribution of power and also constantly monitor on the product's safety.

Service Facility:

Sri Bhoomidurga marketing is having a dedicated and knowledgeable service team committed to the fullest customer satisfaction by their prompt service, during and after warranty periods.
We give more importance to our customers, as customer comes first - before and after sales - service.
All our equipments are subjected to routine tests as per relevant standards.
Our engineers will help you find the right products or create customized designs to meet all your project requirements.
Upon request we will be pleased to provide you copies of type test certificates, list of manufacturing and testing instruments, reference list of our supplies.

We offer:

  • Providing consultation through well Experienced Engineers.
  • Close working relationship with customers.
  • Assigning dedicated person to individual projects.
  • The Company shall place specific emphasis on expertise, technology, safety, systems, product, quality and delivery performance in all its activities.

Transformer Performance:


Transformers are manufactured with the combination of domestic and overseas leading technologies as well as strong R & D capacity. The iron core adopts high quality grain-oriented cold-rolled silicon-steel sheet and cut by special AUTO lamination ROBERT shearing machine which result in just tiny burr, low no-load loss, and low no-load current and noise level. It is worth mentioning is that the automatic lamination by robots effectively reduces 5-15% no-load loss compared to traditional lamination by hands.

High reliability—Oil-Immersed Transformer

This Transformer has thermometer on the oil surface. Pressure release valve connects to ground on the top of oil tank. Oil conservator level is measured by oil level indicator.

High quality insulation framework supporting winding inner

High quality insulation framework is to support the internal part of windings. Every winding has inside and outside chamfered pads which results in electric field uniformity. Axial body coil are equipped with self-locking fastener locknut, so that transformer can withstand long-distance transport bumps, no loosing of parts, and core-hoisting.


  • Energy saving & Environmental protection
  • Recovery of Material cost [steel,copper] after ageing
  • Usage of NOMEX Paper avoid Toxic Chemical Substance
  • Degradation of Insulation material, without polluting
  • Low no-load loss, energy saving
  • Low noise, flexible design