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“Gr” make voltage stabilizers are manufactured by M/s. GLOBE RECTIFIERS, Faridabad, whose name is well known for reliability and continuous improvement in the field of Rolling Contact-type Automatic Voltage Controllers (Stabilizers), Silicon Power Rectifier Equipment and special purpose transformers.
“Gr” Make Rolling contact type Automatic Voltage controller are guaranteed for ‘FIVE YEARS UNCONDITIONAL’ and life at full load is 15-20 years.

H.T. Automatic Voltage Regulator / Controller to be installed on the incoming side of the transformer and provides stabilize input voltage to the Distribution Transformer.

    Advantages of Installing H.T.Automatic Voltage Regulator / Controller:

  • H.T.AVR/AVC supplies rated Stabilized Voltage to the Transformer, there by the utilization of the transformer will be up to full rated capacity and is protected from High/ Low Voltage Fluctuation
  • Where Nos. of Distribution Transformer are installed in a plant, you can put only one HT Automatic Voltage Regulator / Controller.
  • Losses of Transformer will reduce after installation of HT AVR/ AVC.
  • Shorter Payback period.
  • In higher capacity,it is technically advisable to install H.T.Automatic. Voltage Regulator/Controller because current in L.T. AVR is very high.

  • Construction of H.T. AVR/AVC:

    GLOBE’S H.T. AVR/AVC primarily consists of the following:

  • a. Step Down Transformer
  • b. Liner,plus/minus type vertical Voltage Regulator.
  • c. Buck/Boost Transformer.
  • d. Electronic control circuit.

The items (A) & (C) will be housed inside a sheet steel tank fitted with cooling radiators and mounted on uni-directional rollers and item (B) will be housed in separate tank.

    “Gr” Make Products and ranges are as under:

  • Rolling contact Servo Controlled Automatic Voltage Controllers (Stabilizers)
  • Capacity HT : 500KVA to 5 MVA
  • Silicon Power Rectifiers
  • Special Purpose Transformers
  • Ultra Isolation Transformers


  • Reduction in breakdown of Electrical Equipments.
  • Reduces Power Bills (Power Saving).
  • Provide efficiency in plant utilization.
  • Even in case of High Voltage, improve in power factor can be obtained.
  • Reduction in Maximum Demand can be obtained.

  • “GLOBE” IS AN ISO 9001 : 2008 CERTIFIED COMPANY VIDE NO D.U.N.S.NO 72-554-0400